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Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Trademark Applications, Infringement And Licensing

At Wolfe Law Miami, our attorneys have mastered the preparation and filing of trademark and design applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and in various states. We assist in the selection and clearance of trademarks for registration in multiple jurisdictions. We have the ability, efficiency, speed and accuracy to administer the application process, anticipating and avoiding difficulties wherever possible, and overcoming obstacles.

Separately, we offer clients the option of performing trademark name searches, review of results, and a summary allowing or denying use of a particular mark. Our clients have included those wishing to use certain names and phrases in promotions and those who seek to avoid litigation for trademark infringement and/or dilution. They benefit from our knowledge as we guide them through the selection, protection and enforcement of company names, brand names and slogans for U.S. and worldwide markets.

Representing Musicians, CEOs, Athletes And Others

Our attorneys have represented Grammy Winning musicians and groups, small business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes, and other individuals and entities in the protection of their trademarks and their use of non-protected words, phrases and designs. Whether it be the drafting of a cease and desist letter, the creation of a complaint, or litigating a trademark infringement claim from start through trial, our lawyers have the experience needed.

Attorney Richard Wolfe often serves as an expert witness on trademark matters, especially in determining awardable damages.

Resolving Trademark Infringement Issues

Wolfe Law Miami sues and protects those who are sued for trademark infringement. We have an extensive background in the “likelihood of confusion” analysis that is part and parcel of a trademark infringement claim, and we are able to navigate through the various elements in order to substantiate or disprove the existence of an infringement.

Exploring Licensing Opportunities

We understand that simply registering your trademark and protecting it from infringement by third parties is not enough. In order to fully exploit your trademark, you may wish to open the door to licensing opportunities. Our firm can properly assist you in your efforts.

We have drafted and negotiated a variety of license agreements and worked out the terms with our clients before we closed the deal with a party wishing to license or serve as licensor for a trademark. Quality control measures are important to clients. We always implement provisions that are in our clients’ best interests. Learn more by calling us at 888-655-4709 or by sending us an email.