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Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Copyright Applications And Infringement

Applying For A Copyright

Wolfe Law Miami will register copyrights for songwriters, recording artists, producers, designers and other creators of entertainment, art and music. We have extensive experience combing through the United States Copyright Office Records to inquire as to what has already been copyrighted and the likelihood of success of an application.

Additionally, based on our experience registering copyrights, our process is down to a science. We know what forms to use, the laws regarding copyright protection, the transferability of copyrights, and how to submit applications from start to finish.

Resolving Copyright Infringement Claims

The internet has opened the door to file sharing and the many problems that arise with it, ranging from intellectual property rights to copyright laws and the right of ownership. Our attorneys have served as counsel to plaintiffs who have been damaged by infringing uses of their copyrights and defendants who have been wrongfully accused of such actions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in litigating copyright infringement claims related to the use of recordings without permission. Additionally, we have defended many individuals accused of downloading material illegally through file sharing programs such as the popular BitTorrent device. We have successfully negotiated settlements for clients and released them from threatened liability.

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