Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Skilled Legal Representation Nationwide And Globally

Not all lawyers offer their clients the same level of representation. When you are looking for someone you can count on to help you pursue an ideal outcome, you want to be sure the law firm you pick is able to meet your needs and protect your best interests.

Wolfe Law Miami is dedicated to serving the legal needs of its clients by arriving at creative solutions to complex legal problems. The firm understands the importance of each legal matter and treats each situation with the utmost importance. Additionally, our firm takes pride in our flexible fee structures, which enable clients to select the type of fee arrangement that is in their best economic interest.

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Our Goal As Your Attorneys

At our boutique law firm, we work to minimize your exposure and achieve the result you desire in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, most significant business transactions and most critical disputes. Our smaller size ensures that you can receive the personalized attention you deserve.

At Wolfe Law Miami, we make sure to diligently research potential clients and their matters prior to entering into any professional relationship. We understand that we are only as valuable as the services we provide and do not believe that we should charge for any discussions or review of information prior to entering into a formal retainer agreement.

Richard Wolfe is a lawyer’s lawyer. Nearly all of our referrals come from other law firms, and we are known for our prowess in the court and our connection to jurors. We are not a law firm that is intimidated by the courtroom, and we are prepared to fight for you, including in business matters, commercial litigation, and probate and estate law.

Get The Personalized Service You Deserve

Our law firm is very hands-on in our work. We provide our clients with our cell phone numbers to remain in constant contact with them, and we are just as invested in their legal needs as they are. If you are ready to meet with a legal team you can depend on, call 888-655-4709 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.