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Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Addressing Libel, Slander, Right To Publicity And More

Wolfe Law Miami has effectively represented plaintiffs who have a claim of defamation. Likewise, we have successfully represented defendants wrongfully accused of the same.

We Are A Leader In This Area Of Law

At Wolfe Law Miami, we seek to make our clients whole and will do whatever is necessary to obtain justice. Our firm is well versed on the various elements that comprise defamation, along with key terms such as “public figure” and “actual malice.” Further, our firm is positioned as a leader in this space due to its knowledge of various state laws concerning torts based on libel and slander, and have regularly lectured to the Florida Bar on these subjects.

In-Depth Experience With Right Of Publicity

Right of publicity is an area of law that has developed within the past century. Wolfe Law Miami has positioned itself as a trusted resource in this particular discipline for Celebrities, Influencers, Athletes, Corporate Executives and Estates of Celebrities. Our attorneys have a unique understanding of the states where right of publicity is protected by statute along with the various types of damages available to plaintiffs, depending on the jurisdiction they use to litigate their claims.

Wolfe Law Miami believes that every individual has the right to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness or some other identifying aspect of identity. We also protect individuals who are wrongfully accused of violating another person’s personal rights. Our lawyers have been involved in right to publicity cases at the federal level and at trial.

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