Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Respected Sports Law Representation Worldwide

Located in the heart of one of the largest sports markets in the world, Wolfe Law Miami’s global sports law practice is equipped to represent sports agencies, professional athletes, coaches, leagues and other sports organizations in their litigation and transactional matters. We have represented clients from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, as well as individual sport athletes including golfers, tennis players and track athletes.

For Professional Athletes

Our capabilities include representing professional athletes in marketing and team contractual matters, serving as counsel to players and teams in arbitration hearings, negotiating and drafting sports venue agreements, and protecting the intellectual property rights of those embroiled in the world of sports.

For Colleges And Universities

At the collegiate level, Wolfe Law Miami is outfitted to consult for and represent universities and conferences on exit fee issues, Title IX, NCAA rules and regulations, and other compliance matters.

For Sports Agencies

Our lawyers also have experience serving as counsel to sports agencies. We can assist with drafting in-depth agreements with the agencies’ clients for their clients, stakeholders, business associates and third parties. We also provide legal advice regarding state, federal, and players associations’ rules and regulations concerning the licensure of agents, recruiting and impermissible benefits. Our knowledge of each professional sport’s current collective bargaining agreement sets us apart from others in the legal profession.

We Handle Everything From Gene Doping To Salary Arbitration

Our strong background in the areas of employment and labor disputes, intellectual property litigation, as well as trademark and copyright transactional work, gives us an advantage over the limited competition in the sports law market. Whether there is an issue regarding drug testing, gene doping, new media rights, NCAA investigations, salary arbitration or intellectual property rights, our attorneys are able and ready to serve as counsel.

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