Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Creative. Strategic. Proven.

Comprehensive Representation In Commercial And Civil Litigation

When you need someone to help you through your commercial and civil litigation matters, you deserve to have an attorney at your side who is fluent in the related laws. The efforts your lawyer contributes to your legal needs can define the quality of the outcome in your case, which is why you should be sure the law firm you are considering is right for you.

Wolfe Law Miami represents a variety of entrepreneurs with companies ranging from five to hundreds of employees and has more than 40 years of experience doing so, and having extensive trial experience in this area. In the course of representing those entities, we understand a variety of business disputes may arise. These may include the collections of debts, contractual disputes, and enforcement of employment agreements like covenants not to compete, dissolution of corporations or partnerships, franchise and trademark disputes, and other related issues.

Developing Cost-Conscious Strategies

Our firm handles everything, from simple breach-of-contract cases to complex commercial litigation (including insurance, real estate and other corporate disputes). We have represented clients in pre-suit negotiations, during arbitrations at trial and before the appellate court.

However, when implementing a litigation strategy, we consider all risks, including the cost of litigation and the likelihood of success. We ensure that the cost-benefit analysis is favorable for our clients. We have been able to build a history of success, thanks to our out-of-the-box strategizing and ability to weigh all our clients’ options.

A History Of Success In The Courtroom

Wolfe Law Miami litigates aggressively. We have a rich history of taking matters to trial on behalf of our clients, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants. Our attorneys have engaged in front-line litigation in state and federal courts across the country. We have also handled multiple disputes between artists and managers, production companies and distributors for copyright infringement actions, recording artists and labels, and actors and studios/networks.

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